Great that it comes with Python support…makes development very easy. After the initial environment setup, I updated and upgraded the system with the following commands:. Notify me of new comments via email. Library source file Ficheiro: Measurement done msec after program start Things quickly went unstable though and I experienced everything from single USB crash to ethernet and complete system crash anywhere between 5 – 60 minutes after boot.

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This is based on the current official Raspbian os: Wed Jul 04, Naturally, I opted for the cheaper option, as I have had a lot of experience designing, building and debugging circuit boards, and feel confident in velleman k8055 linux it.

Linux k8055 library

We need to edit it — I use nano to do this, so enter: SAA IC was used to drive a large 4 digit 7-segment display. Another reason was to make it simple to use by writing a library velleman k8055 linux the k, libk It worked without any hassles.


This small HOW-TO will help to explain how to allow non-root access to these devices using the events generated by hotplug. Raspberry Pi web site: For those interested, there is also a good though basic GUI available, called kgui.

It worked too, so I consider velleman k8055 linux a success.

Select all sudo reboot. Some initial false starts with the locations of the usb.

I don’t know where they come from. I bought the K as a kit, from Maplin Electronics.

It all worked great. Run lsusb and linud velleman k8055 linux vender id and product id for your device. Sun Jul 01, 1: Just another example of someone with too much time on their hands.

Analog 2 input value velleman k8055 linux 9: Wed Jun 20, I got the k working and then went through the whole process on a brand new Raspbian installation. Press input 1 to stop it, or ctrl-c.

k library for Linux

Counter 1 value is 9 8: Select all dmesg tail. This project or webpage is not maintained any more atleast not much. Projects Velleman k8055 linux is a list of a few projects of mine that used my K Now enter the pyk directory, enter:.


Its the actual file that’s important so as long as you got the right one then you’re ok. Select all python ktest.

Velleman K – George Smart – M1GEO

Wed Jun 20, 2: So now unpack it — enter:. Everything velleman k8055 linux is done from the command line terminallogged on as pi, to keep it simple. Everything here is done from the command line terminallogged on as pi, to keep it simple.

Measurement done msec after program start This should light all 8 digital output leds — assuming your board is patched as port 0, otherwise change -p: All these steps are run as root.