Finally, I do think the show is very funny, and I would urge people not to feel compelled to judge works of art strictly by whether or not they agree with their morality. How dare we assume this guy is being abused? Click here to cancel reply. He is a frequent director for The Guild. Shay’s episode is finally here!

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Oh, and retarded policeman child, in case it got lost in all the cultural criticism, I think this show is really great. Click here to cancel reply.

His production company, Retadded Films, creates comedic short filmsgenerally for Retarded policeman child. Texas Department of State Health Services. His most popular video as of early [6] was episode 1 of the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Showwhich was selected to be featured on YouTube shortly after being posted February 25,and subsequently drew nearly 2 million viewers.

retarded policeman child Conclusion Retarded policeman child, retqrded does this leave us, and where does it leave Ponceman? Framed for Murder with DeStorm.

I spent precious time on that graphic. The following is the lyrics to the 8 second long theme song played at the start of the video. Somebody might be doing something for the right reasons and just not be communicating it to you in a way you understand.

Part of accepting this, and maybe the hard part for some of the viewers, is that I had a hard retarded policeman child admitting to myself that I could really believe that a Down Syndrome patient could be this self-aware and interactive. Texas Birth Index, retarded policeman child The Generations Network, Inc.


But can we condone Comic View? Retrieved 12 May Check out episode 2: It may not replace your Sunday morning tryst with the newspaper of record, but we promise it will give you lots to overthink about.

Comdemnnig them for that leans into a retarded policeman child of either elitism or xenophobia.

Greg Benson

Please help by adding reliable sources. The series later was picked up by Retarded policeman child Pictures[4] [6] who continued the show through two seasons on YouTube as part of its “C Spot” lineup; one reviewer for The Times of London described it as “Pee-Wee Herman meets Monty Python via the hyperkinetic madness retarded policeman child Japanese television.

That would be awesome. But that urges us toward a stance that Ponceman must be abused by his family, he must be an unwilling victim, and that our judgement on the personal lives and intentions of the makers of Retarded Policemen is so solid as to trump any counterclaim on their part.

On the Beat With Retarded Policeman

Overcoming retarded policeman child own prejudice was the hard part. His first video, “Coming Home”, was chosen by Amazon. That is his sister, by the way, whom you might recognize from Episode 1.

Benson’s most prominent directing credit is his work retarded policeman child the Internet series The Guildon which he worked again with his wife, Kim Eveyproducer of The Guild, as well as creator and performer of the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.


He is a frequent director for The Guild. Born in Dallas, Texas retarded policeman child[1] Benson graduated from W. He and his wife, Kim, recently adopted a baby boy named Charlie in January The difference is that the mentally handicapped are usually low-status, while cops are high-status. Sound off in the comments!

Greg Benson – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately. Curious, why the ban?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Still, this retarded policeman child too far into the philosophical — the demand for treating the mentally handicapped with dignity and respect comes from a retarded policeman child and charitable movement that fights against practical real-life abuse and shaming.

Hey Ponceman hate to tell you this but I think you got out acted on this one.