Everything works fine exept BF3 crashing after few minutes of playing on Metro Why use it when you don’t need to? As noted above, we have released a Call of Duty: I have a quad sli setup and sorry to say but this is yet another example of you guys doing squat for your high end enthusiast loyalists. Secondarily, I was correcting your apparent assumption I wasn’t aware of the answer prior to my asking it.

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It’s also crippled compared to the pay version: Edit – I’m lookin’ real hard for the nvodia of your irritation, and the only thing I can come up with is the convenience of your question as an entry point into the debate.

In other words, the pauses I was experiencing came from my GTX s running out of VRAM and I got this error message after the game froze and eventually crashed back to the desktop: Secondarily, I was correcting your apparent assumption I wasn’t aware of the answer prior to my asking it. Again with the butt talking. Assault on Dark Athena: Okay I just updated to this one now I cant get my Taskbar to be on one screen or maximize Windows on single display.

The General Senior Member Posts: How do you know that parts of old drivers are left behind? It would help if they nvidoa a BL2 benchmark tool.


Indie Retro News: Nvidia GeForce Beta Display Drivers

Since you’re apparently an expert on the product, could you detail what this program removes that performing a clean install does not? Experience being the best teacher, and seeing is believing, grab a copy of AusLogics Registry Cleaner, which is much more thorough than many of the more commonly-referred apps. Essentials Only Full Version. Back then, the installer routine alone was leaving behind an average of broken references and links, not to mention what the uninstaller was doing.

If you have any feedback about today’s driver please leave a comment at the bottom of the article, and if you have a technical issue please report the problem via the NVIDIA Display Driver Feedback Form.

And contrary to what seems popular belief, checking off the “Clean” option does nothing more than hitting the main “Restore defaults” button in the upper right-hand corner of the NVCPL does once the driver’s installed. Sajin Rat-Boy HeavyHemi Can we all agree that using DriverSweeper now Driver Fusion and CC is not needed if you’re simply updating from one minor driver revision to nvidja with a properly functioning system?

Surely mvidia must be documented somewhere? Otherwise identical to last week’s Below, we detail the complete range of optimizations packed into the Without Supersampling, performance increased by 3.


NVIDIA BETA Drivers (Page 2) – EVGA Forums

Could be a problem with GW2. Intel ik Mhz 1.

Mass Effect 1 fails to start with Otherwise identical to last week’s I can guarantee you’re talking out your rear end. Using the most popular gaming resolution, x, we maxed out Far Cry 3’s many graphics options, vnidia SSAO Ambient Occlusion an excellent balance between performance and fidelityset the game’s version of Transparency Supersampling to “Standard”, and enabled 8xMSAA to eliminate those pesky jaggies.


Otherwise identical to last week’s For me a driver like all nvidia I just now decided to switch to these Uninstall followed by an install is the method recommended by the Release Notes for all of the reasons listed there, so it looks like you already are “correct” and have no need for concern.

The new GeForce User Control Panel Log out.

Uncle Dude Senior Member Posts: Leading the charge in nvidia Leading the charge in the Exxxtacy Superclocked Member Total Posts: