I would gladly purchase new units should microsoft start making them again. Microsoft is crazy not to continue making these. It blows my mind that nobody currently manufactures a decent, comfortable trackball. I thought I was the only one who was hopelessly devoted to a desktop electronic device. I noticed that my hand would cramp if I was on the computer too long and that absolutely never happened with the TBE. I have one on my home computer.

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Bought one to my boyfriend a few years back and he — as I — will never go back to a regular mouse. I got another one the next year as my assistant when back to a regular mouse. As everything does, it got old and worn out and finally stopped being as sharp as it used to trakball. On one of the many discussion forums regarding this sad fact http: Microsogt are reviews for the Sanwa Trackball Mouse?

But this mention of Logitech and Kensington gave me an idea.


Would Microsoft be willing to sell the patent? Just opened my trackball to fix the right-click button.

The one im currently using I just finished refurbishing. The idea of contacting other mouse manufactors is a great one, I wonder if they know there is a market for this type of mouse. Trackhall is how I found this forum. Very strange to me. Also note the date of filing and compare this to discontinuance of TBE availability.

So, tonight I gave up. I have rarely used a mouse since. It really IS a trip that these things are total cult items now. The new bulge still fits well inside the body of the trackball.

Microsoft Trackball Explorer USB Ps2 Ergonomic Mouse X | eBay

From what I can tell, one simply does not exist. My current one is about 4 years old, and has some of the top worn off from frequent use. Learn More at toptal. So, basically if or people call in, for example, exploger TBE with various comments, my guess is that all of it is tabulated and reduced to a paragraph of text, and perhaps a few figures. They could then get some big corporate deals.


Takes about five minutes. You can reply to koakoa gmail. I just have tracmball chime in here. I learned what ever is used for gaming is the best to buy. Anyway, the funny part is they offered to buy my trackball back from me. So little has to be done to the TBE 1.

Now I keep this TBE in a glass sealed case when not in use so to avoid any accidental damage. Here is a link to his store for anyone else interested:. The MS Trackball is infinitely more comfortable for my hand! Microsoft Trackball Explorer Review productnumber D Why sue like that and not do anything instead of just selling the patent? Not yet, at least. But seriously, how do you like the fact that Slimblade scrolling happens by twisting the ball?