Look for contamination such as hair or dust. Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager Version: Can you give me more detail? Open, saturate, close and open, and so on. Opened my 20A1S and did some cleaning and placed some lubricant on the flywhells and now it opens like a charm. Yes Return C2 Pointers:

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Note, this is a cross-flashed drive now using a CK version of firmware 9P Not to the point most of the posters in this topic have. It will open practically every time afterwards during that boot of the OS and often on lg the drive tray will not stick at all.

Serial Device Driver Version: Better than simply tossing the drive, because it is a good reader. Microsoft Kernel Audio Splitter Version: I then press the button in IsoBuster a third time and the tray opens with no error displayed. No gain, but no loss. Hewlett-Packard Company Hardware Lj While applying a slight pressure with the paper clip push the eject lu.

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Nero AG Version Check: I also thought it was a software or firmware issue. Takes a number of presses to get it to work.

Lite-on LHA1L Firmware BL05 Driver – TechSpot

In post 4 NoCarrier posted he added a plastic buffer. HP CA Type: Is this the same mechanism that locks the drive while writing a disc perhaps? All other functions seem to work 20a1, however.

Hid Battery Driver Version: My litey is sticky too. Bluetooth Bus Enumerator Version: They are all having the sticking tray problem. MS Remote Access serial network driver Version: I still must manually eject the tray every single time.

Opening the tray is simple enough. I brought one of them home this weekend to take a look. Kernel Mode Audio Mixer Version: Will find out more soon…. Bluetooth Audio Device Version: But over time about 8 months it has gotten worse. Maybe too much… Alcohol is giving you problems?

Parallel Port Driver Version: However, if I remove the top enclosure, it will eject and close no problems. I did learn something though.


LiteOn LH-20A1L Firmware v.BL05

My drive does stick on ejection and on release, however if i manually change the angle of the tray, sometimes the gears catch and the drive tray goes back in. Grease is necessary but it attracts dirt and gets sticky so it needs to be removed before lubricating the tray again.

Always have a disc inserted i recommend a Blank CD in the drive when not in use which will make the drive open with just one press of the button when you want to insert another disc.