I had a lot of IDE interfaced hardware and that was very helpful on rebuilding my old gig. New evga Gt video card. Used didn’t CPU and memory then item came with. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Page List Top 1. This Intel board serves well in either a main computer or as a dedicated server for specialized tasks.

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Full size board that allowed me to use my choice of Video Card. I tested the fans on an old asus motherboard and they are working. These motherboards achieve performance and flexibility for your desktop computer by supporting a wide range of upgrades and technologies.

This board has so many features like dual NIC, optical sound, and 4 memory slots — instead of my listing everything, google GA-EPUD3P and see all those wonderful features for yourself! I returned gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p motherboard to Fry’s for the same behavior.

Gigabyte GA-EPUD3P – P45 at its Finest

Its security comes in the form of configurable encryption. System booted first try no issue. Is gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p fan waiting for the CPU to heat up?

New evga Gt video card. Located below the LED panel is the two-phase power system for the memory slot along with the CPU fan header that is slightly out of the way for us. The back of the board is clean and all of our various air gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p that required a back plate worked fine.


Best Selling in Motherboards See all. The P45 was everywhere and available at almost any price point – we last counted about different models available from just about every manufacturer in the business. Since the board uses the P45 chipset, CrossFireX mode is enabled, but if used, gigabyts slots operate at 8x each, which will decrease the overall performance of higher-end cards.

Not to mention that DDR2 prices are gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p the lowest points in history. I had a lot of IDE interfaced hardware and that was very helpful on rebuilding my old gig. As it turns out, gw chipset had a lot to offer. I will probably change the Processor cooler later, but overall it is only sad that it doesn’t have an usb 3.

Gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p uses dual-channel memory architecture for greater speed. In this image you can also see two of the available fan connectors, which happen to be the only two available other than gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p CPU fan.

This is not unlike any other budget motherboard though, so I guess cuts had to be made somewhere.

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard Review

Read up on it next. But the Zalman fan just jumps a little and stops. Eight of these are on the back and four more are inside. Is the fan waiting for the CPU to heat up?


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ag have no real complaints about the design or layout of the board, although I do wish there were more available fan connectors. This site uses cookies. We would have preferred that the SATA connectors were in a 90 gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p angle configuration, but they work as is. What seemed like the gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p nail in the coffin is that board pricing was closer to X38 territory than the P35 and initial performance numbers just did not wow anyone.

Have new e cpu. I updated the BIOS, solving the disk identification issue.

The Intel fan that came with the CPU does the gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p thing. Used didn’t CPU and memory then item came with. The top picture shows the phase LED setup that displays the number of power phases in use, but only when the Dynamic Energy Saver software is running.

LGA Computer Motherboards. For those not yet ready to make that kind of commitment, current-gen offerings gigabyte ga ep45 ud3p the best bet, and for more than one reason.