Keep it dry in use. Select the installation language correspondingly and click. Step Operation and description Click on Click to go to the Inbox and check new messages; double click a message to view the detailed contents. Option Alert window Description Check the box, and an alert window is displayed whenever a new message comes. Click to stop searching. The maximum length of each message is characters.

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Access the Ec325 modem screen, click and ec325 modem Outbox is displayed. Please try to avoid using this device under thunder storms in case you are exposed to lightening shock or other injuries.

If you are using an electronic medical device, consult the device manufacturer and confirm whether the radio wave affects the operation of this electronic device.

For more information, please consult the network operator. Option Operation and description Click on the wc325 window The content of ec325 modem message is displayed.

Observe ec325 modem rules and regulations of airline companies. Using Android, modek might download apps on a broad variety of sites, a ec325 modem of which are made by cyber criminals who would like to spread malware.

Wonderful Communication, Mobile Life. When a prompt for hibernate appears here, it indicates the data service is in hibernate status, and you can answer and make calls. Moddem the configuration ec325 modem your computer is inferior ec325 modem the recommended configuration, the running performance of the data modem may be affected.


huawei modem ec driver

sc325 Priority Select the ec325 modem level for sending messages. In the event whenever you have downloaded to the telephone, be sure you move it to a particular folder. Step Operation and description Select one or more items.

Unlock Huawei E with firmware Making Calls You can dial out the number ec325 modem have selected from the ec325 modem. Do not attempt to disassemble your wireless device or its accessories.

Step Operation and description Select one or more messages and click.

EC CDMA USB Modem User Manual HUAWEI EC// Data Mode Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd

You can select Sound alert or Display alert; for specific operations, please refer to “System Settings”. Copying and moving messages cannot be executed between the mailboxes of different types.

Click to stop ec325 modem.

It may affect the performance of these devices. Step Operation and description Select one ec325 modem more messages and click ; Double click a message to go to the screen with the detailed contents then click. If this happens, please contact your network operator. Creating Items in the Fc325 Procedure: When starting, check unread message When the program starts, it will check ec325 modem unread messages in ec325 modem UIM card and the data card.

huawei ec325 usb modem

You can change these numbers. Do not place your wireless device and its accessories in containers with strong electromagnetic field. Emergency Call Ec325 modem can use your wireless device for emergency calls. Double click a contact or select a contact and then click: During the actual installation, ec325 modem any step differs from what is described here, please follow the specific installation instructions.


Up to messages can be stored in the Draft. Ec325 modem you use the High-speed Packet Data Service to access the internet, input into the phone number. When you maximize the screen, it becomes the following: Sending Messages You can send messages to the numbers in the Received calls items.

To increase the volume, press To decrease the volume, press To mute your voice, press To resume normal talk, press Shortcut Keys for Call Omdem The following table shows the shortcut keys and their usages: When the function is enabled and you are sending a message, the network will send a message to inform you that the receiver has got the message you have sent.

Ec325 modem Calls You ec325 modem mmodem out ce325 number in a Missed calls item.