Unfortunately, it’s for Windows PCs only. The headset includes a bag and eight silicone ear tips, the widest assortment of the five headsets I looked at. This also works when you’re streaming music from your phone — it pauses the audio when you take the headset off and resumes it when you put the headset back on. I bought one of these hoping to use it to replace my wired skype headset, but it’s totally useless. Regardless of which one I chose, I had trouble getting a good fit, and the headset always felt a bit loose — all I had to do was jerk my head from side to side to make it fling off.

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Its audio quality was better than most, with full, rich sound with no annoying echo and more than enough volume to hear a conversation.

Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save. Best smartwatches this year. It took me about three minutes to install the program, along with another two minutes for the program to adjust my system’s Skype settings. Excellent audio, long battery life, padded case, Bluetooth dongle, pauses audio when removed from ear. Posted on Nov 25, Be the first to answer. The CommandOne offered easychaf audio quality on both ends of a call.

My favorite was Slydial Voice Messaging, which lets you send a voice-mail message to anyone in your phone’s address book — perfect for the shy or very busy among us.

Itech EasyChat 306 – Unanswered Questions, Problems & Issues

Every time the device is turned on, a voice tells you the charge level; in addition, you can press the Talk button to hear a battery update. In testing, the EasyChat provided only 2 hours and 8 minutes of battery life, the shortest of the five headsets.


Another, Directory Assistancecan help you find the number of, say, a restaurant you’re looking for — just say “Directory assistance” and the phone links with your carrier’s operators.

Best iPhone camera apps.

It was stable and secure, the ear loop can be removed, and the device can be used in either ear. As a 3006, it’s no surprise that headsets are the most popular Bluetooth accessory, according to ABI figures, with 80 million headsets sold worldwide inone quarter of which were sold in the U.

Five Bluetooth headsets: Not just for phone calls

The earpiece requires the use of the included Bluetooth dongle and works only on PCs. Since my phone is seeing it as two devices, I can only activate one at a time. Audio quality is a key concern, and with the headset connected to the phone, I made several calls and rated their quality in a quiet office and in a car with the windows open moving at 50 miles per hour.

Jabra offers a number of third-party apps that can run on a variety of smartphones which ones depends on the specific appincluding Slacker Radio, Voice Assist which lets you listen to your e-mails and others. If you plan to use your phone for more than calls, you should look for a headset that includes A2DP technology, which allows other types of audio to be streamed through a Bluetooth connection. The Plantronics Voyager Pro UC is meant for serious mobile phone users who demand good audio and long battery life.


iTech EasyChat Bluetooth Headset VKRFYKESN

The EasyChat has one big thing going for it: The Stone2’s ear loop can’t be removed, so the headset can’t be worn in the left ear. In other words, a headset today is essential equipment for anyone who spends a lot of time talking on a mobile phone. Posted on Jan 04, Be the first to answer. Itech Arrow Wireless Headset -7 Questions.

Skype is slowly but surely changing our mentality towards voice calling, also video chat, as the service continues to permeate into the minds of mobile users all around the world.

For me, it was too heavy for long-term comfort.

Tech VoiceClip Bluetooth Headset I made dozens of calls with each headset, to land-line and mobile phones and via Skype. It stayed connected to my phone for 25 feet, the shortest sasychat of the five. Skype Certified – Provides fantastic voice quality and ease-of-use. I bought one of these hoping to use it to replace my wired skype headset, but it’s totally useless.

MicroUSB cable for charging the unit’s battery. Posted 18 hours ago Be the first to answer. The device lost contact with my phone at 45 feet, the longest range of the five headsets reviewed here, allowing the most freedom of movement.