By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Although your current URL jdbc: This results in whole pile of irrelevent transient dependencies being sucked into your application you have included both the eclipse-link and the hibernate JPA implementations. Additionally, can you use the admin console to test the datasource connection? These all need to be in scope “provided” so that they are not redundantly added to your application your “parent” pom has dependencies declared in it.

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Exception in thread “main” org.

Hibernate Exception – Unable to load class

The exception says it all: I’ve noticed that I forgot to comment: Thanks for the help. FYI I forgot to add the dependencies in that attached project it was a duplicate of the one I was testing for hsqldb and dbcp. This content has been marked as final. Please type your org.hsqldb.jbdcdriver and try again.

JDBC Driver class not found: Now I have the hibernate specific problem to figure out. We are waiting for you on our new forums!


Driver n at org.

Hibernate Community • View topic – hibernate exercise does not work

The first one has the dynamic imports active by default, the second one tries to use a more intelligent way of getting to the right package for the JDBC driver class. At first I did not have these, but no difference either way. Driver class not found. If you can get that project org.hsqldb.jdncdriver work, or anybody else, then we would know that it is my configuration that is the problem.

HSQLDialectnn n threadnn n org. I’ve taken a little while to answer this because those maven poms are going to cause you some issues:.

Can you make sure that you don’t have multiple dbcp bundles in your container e. Please enter a title.

Unable to create requested service [org. Go to original post. Driver ‘ could not be found.

MessageDatabase Checkpoint done. AnnotationTransactionAttributeSource 0′ while setting bean property ‘transactionAttributeSource’; nested exception is org.

Hibernate Exception – Unable to load class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Another thing to try, would be using our rrquested bundle implementations instead of the springsource one:. JDBC Driver class not found: In the first example author shows how Hibernate works when you are trying to use hibernate mapping and SessionFactory.


Injection of autowired dependencies failed; nested exception is org. Could not load requested class: BeanPostProcessor before instantiation of bean failed; nested exception is org.

If I have only the datasource defined and leave out the hibernate related code in the bundle-context. I have managed to reproduce all examples on my computer, except the last one.

As a test to see if I can get a spring hibernate project working in esb in eclipse I created a maven spring osgi project. And I can still see error about missing driver:. I uninstalled the existing dbcp and installed each of the ones you indicated.